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Aloe arborescens is a species of flowering succulent plant that belongs to the genus Aloe, which includes the well-known Aloe vera. It is also known as torch aloe, candelabra aloe, krantz aloe, or tree aloe, because of its tree-like shape and bright red-orange flowers that resemble torches or candles. It is native to South Africa and has been cultivated there for centuries, valued by gardeners for its attractive foliage, winter blooming, and attraction for birds and bees.

Botanical Name
Aloe arborescens
Plant Type
Succulent perennial shrub
6-10 feet (1.8-3 meters)
Green with a slight blue tint, sword-shaped, with pale teeth along the edges
Subtropical to tropical
Sun Exposure
Full sun to light shade
Soil Requirements
Well-drained, sandy or gravelly, moist or dry
Hardiness Zones
Flower Color
Foliage Color
Season Features
Winter blooming
Special Features
Drought and salt-tolerant, deer-resistant, fire-retardant, nectar-producing
  • Aloe arborescens is endemic to the southeastern part of Southern Africa.
  • Aloe arborescens natural habitat includes mountainous areas, rocky outcrops, and exposed ridges.
  • The leaves are thick and succulent.
  • Aloe arborescens can be propagated through offsets (small plantlets at the base of mature plants). Cuttings from healthy leaves are also suitable for propagation.
  • The sweet nectar attracts birds, butterflies, and bees. In Southern Africa, it’s traditionally planted around kraals (domestic stock enclosures) as a living fence or security hedge.
  • Aloe arborescens have adapted to various habitats but can become invasive in certain regions.
  • Generally resilient, but watch out for fungal diseases such as anthracnose, rust, leaf spot, and root rot. Keep an eye on pests like scale insects, mealybugs, and aphids.

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