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Begonia x benariensis ‘Red Green Leaf’ is a mesmerizing cultivar renowned for its vivid foliage and delicate blooms. This begonia hybrid combines the elegance of its parent species with unique coloration, creating a spectacle that enchants gardeners and plant enthusiasts alike.The Begonia x benariensis ‘Red Green Leaf’, a vibrant and robust addition to any garden, is a plant that boasts not only aesthetic appeal but also resilience and adaptability.

Botanical Name
Begonia x benariensis ‘Red Green Leaf’
Plant Type
Interspecific hybrid
Up to 70 cm (28 inches)
Glossy, well-branched, uniform
Adaptable to various climates
Sun Exposure
Tolerates full sun to shade
Soil Requirements
Prefers well-drained soils
Hardiness Zones
Varies, generally heat and rain tolerant
Flower Color
Vibrant red
Foliage Color
Lush green
Season Features
Long blooming period
Special Features
Self-cleaning flowers, edible blossoms
Distribution and Habitat
Widely cultivated for landscape and container use
Non-toxic, safe for human consumption
  • The ‘Red Green Leaf’ variety presents a well-branched structure, supporting an abundance of large, red flowers that contrast beautifully against the green foliage.
  • The plant benefits from high light conditions during the early growth stages to promote branching and flowering.
  • The plant’s vigorous growth habit makes it suitable for both landscape use and container gardening.
  • Watering should be consistent, allowing the soil to dry slightly between watering. Avoid overwatering to prevent root rot.
  • Propagation is typically done through seed pellets, requiring light for germination and high humidity levels.
  • The main value of the Begonia x benariensis ‘Red Green Leaf’ lies in its ornamental appeal, with its large flowers and glossy foliage enhancing garden beds, landscapes, and containers.
  • Watch for mealybugs and thrips, susceptible to bacterial leaf spots and powdery mildew.


How often should I water the ‘Red Green Leaf’ begonia?

Water when the topsoil feels dry to the touch, but do not let the plant become excessively dry.

Can this begonia tolerate full sun?

It can tolerate full sun, especially if it has bronze foliage, but it prefers sun-dappled part shade.

Is the ‘Red Green Leaf’ begonia suitable for indoor cultivation?

Yes, it can be grown indoors, provided it receives sufficient light and care.

What are the signs of overwatering?

Yellowing leaves and a wilted appearance can indicate overwatering.

Can I use the ‘Red Green Leaf’ begonia in mixed containers?

Its size and color make it an excellent choice for mixed container gardening.

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