Caladium ‘Florida Red Ruffles’: A Vibrant Tropical Perennial

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Caladium ‘Florida Red Ruffles’ is a striking cultivar of the Caladium plant known for its vibrant and eye-catching foliage. This ornamental plant is cherished for its heart-shaped leaves adorned with ruffled edges, which boast a stunning array of red hues. Unlike many plants valued primarily for their flowers, Caladium ‘Florida Red Ruffles’ captivates with its foliage, making it a popular choice for landscaping and indoor decoration.

Botanical Name
Caladium bicolor ‘Florida Red Ruffles’
Plant Type
Medium, reaching 12 to 18 inches (30-45 cm) tall
The leaves are smooth, spear-shaped, and have a striking color. Each leaf is predominantly red, with a dark green border around the edge.
Thrives in warm, tropical climates
Sun Exposure
Adaptable to both full sun and shade, but avoid acute lack of light
Soil Requirements
Well-drained, loose, and nutrient-rich soil (peat, turfy soil, humus, and sand mix)
Hardiness Zones
Suitable for zones 9-10
Flower Color
Caladiums produce spathe-like flowers, but their primary allure lies in their foliage.
Foliage Color
Striking red leaves with green margins
Season Features
Caladiums are dormant during autumn and winter.
Caladiums are toxic if ingested, so keep them away from curious pets and children.
  • Morphologically, this caladium variety stands out with its ruffled edges and robust color.
  • Native to tropical regions, particularly found in South America, Caladium ‘Florida Red Ruffles’ thrives in lush, humid environments.
  • Exhibits a clumping growth habit, with each plant producing multiple vibrant leaves, contributing to its visual allure.
  • Commonly propagated through tubers or division of rhizomes during the dormant season, ensuring optimal growth and proliferation.
  • Adds vibrant color to gardens, containers, and indoor spaces.
  • Susceptible to pests such as aphids, mites, and slugs, as well as fungal diseases like leaf spot and root rot.


Can Caladium ‘Florida Red Ruffles’ tolerate direct sunlight?

Preferably, it thrives in partial to full shade, avoiding direct sunlight exposure to prevent leaf scorching.

How often should I water Caladium ‘Florida Red Ruffles’?

Maintain consistently moist soil, ensuring proper drainage to prevent waterlogging, especially during the active growing season.

Is Caladium ‘Florida Red Ruffles’ suitable for indoor cultivation?

Absolutely! It adds a pop of color to indoor spaces, provided it receives adequate indirect light and humidity levels are maintained.

How do I propagate Caladium ‘Florida Red Ruffles’?

Propagation is typically done through the division of tubers or rhizomes during dormancy, ensuring each division has viable growth points.

Are there any special fertilization requirements for Caladium ‘Florida Red Ruffles’?

While not excessively demanding, a balanced, slow-release fertilizer applied during the growing season can enhance foliage color and vigor.

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