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The Crocus chrysanthus ‘Gipsy Girl’, commonly known as the Snow Crocus, is a herald of spring with its vibrant and cheerful blooms. This particular cultivar is renowned for its large, deep gold flowers adorned with distinctive bronze or plum feathering on the outer petals.

Botanical Name
Crocus chrysanthus ‘Gipsy Girl’
Plant Type
Up to 10 cm
Deciduous, linear leaves often with a silvery central stripe
Prefers temperate climates
Sun Exposure
Full sun to light shade
Soil Requirements
Well-drained, poor to moderately fertile soil
Hardiness Zones
Varies, typically zones 3-8
Flower Color
Deep gold with bronze or plum feathering
Foliage Color
Green with a possible silvery stripe
Season Features
Blooms from late winter to early spring
Special Features
Naturalizes easily, ideal for large drifts
Distribution and Habitat
Native from Greece to Bulgaria and Turkey
Ornamental bulbs not for consumption, handle with gloves
  • The Snow Crocus ‘Gipsy Girl’ grows from a corm and features goblet-shaped flowers that open in response to sunlight or bright light, closing during rainy weather and at night.
  • The flowers are characterized by six petal-like tepals surrounding prominent orange stamens, creating an exquisite display of color and form.
  • The foliage is primarily green, providing a verdant backdrop to the vibrant blooms.
  • Propagation is typically achieved through the division of clumps. For optimal flowering, it is recommended to plant the bulbs at the right time, which is usually in the fall.
  • The main value of ‘Gipsy Girl’ lies in its aesthetic appeal, with its ability to create a colorful carpet of flowers in gardens and lawns.
  • Generally disease-free, though corms may rot in storage. Susceptible to rodents and birds.


When is the best time to plant Snow Crocus bulbs?

Snow Crocus bulbs should be planted in the autumn, preferably before the first frost, to allow them to establish roots before winter.

How deep should Snow Crocus bulbs be planted?

Bulbs should be planted at a depth of approximately 3 to 4 inches (7.5 to 10 cm), and spaced about 3 inches (7.5 cm) apart.

How can I prolong the blooming period of Snow Crocus?

Planting various early spring bulbs with staggered bloom times can extend the flowering period and ensure a continuous display of color.

Are Snow Crocus deer-resistant?

Yes, Snow Crocus is generally deer-resistant due to its toxic properties, although no plant is entirely immune to deer browsing in all circumstances.

Can Snow Crocus be grown in containers?

Yes, Snow Crocus adapts well to container cultivation, provided the container has adequate drainage and is placed in a location with sufficient sunlight.

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