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The Cyclamen ‘Silver Shield’ AGM is a cultivar of the species Cyclamen hederifolium subsp. crassifolium, known for its distinctive foliage and pink flowers. Basil Smith selected this plant from seedlings of a plant collected near Epirus in Greece, and it exhibits a unique pewter or paler green shield pattern in the center of its deep green leaves.

Botanical Name
Cyclamen hederifolium subsp. crassifolium ‘Silver Shield’
Plant Type
Tuberous perennial
Typically 5-13cm (2-5in)
Heart-shaped, deep green with pewter or paler green shield pattern
Prefers temperate regions
Sun Exposure
Partial shade
Soil Requirements
Moderately fertile, humus-rich, well-drained soil
Hardiness Zones
Fully to frost-hardy
Flower Color
Foliage Color
Deep green with a pewter or paler green pattern
Season Features
Flowering mostly in autumn and winter
Special Features
Attractive foliage pattern
Distribution and Habitat
Originating from Greece
Information not widely documented, caution advised
  • The Cyclamen ‘Silver Shield’ AGM has seven angled leaves and is celebrated for its ornamental value due to the striking contrast between the foliage color and pattern.
  • It is characterized by seven-angled leaves of deep green with a distinctive pewter or paler green shield pattern in the center.
  • Watering should be moderate, avoiding excessive moisture, especially during summer.
  • It should be planted in a location that avoids excessive summer moisture and receives partial shade. The tubers should be planted 3-5cm (1¼-2in) deep and mulched annually with leafmould to protect from frost.
  • Propagation is typically done by collecting seeds when the flower stalk coils, drawing the seed capsule closer to the soil surface. Seeds should be sown fresh after soaking overnight.
  • From ornamental landscaping to indoor décor, the main value of this species lies in its aesthetic appeal and adaptability to various settings.
  • Like many plants, this species may encounter pests and diseases such as aphids and fungal infections, necessitating vigilant monitoring and appropriate management measures.


Can Cyclamen ‘Silver Shield’ AGM tolerate cold temperatures?

Yes, this species is known for its resilience in colder climates, thriving even in winter conditions.

Does Cyclamen ‘Silver Shield’ AGM require fertilization?

Occasional fertilization during the growing season can promote healthy growth and flowering.

What makes Cyclamen ‘Silver Shield’ AGM special?

Its unique foliage pattern and pink flowers make it an attractive ornamental plant.

Are there any companion plants that pair well with Cyclamen ‘Silver Shield’ AGM?

Shade-loving companions such as ferns and hostas complement the elegance of Cyclamen ‘Silver Shield’ AGM, creating visually harmonious garden arrangements.

Can Cyclamen ‘Silver Shield’ AGM be grown indoors?

Yes, it can be grown in a cool greenhouse with filtered light and a little humidity.

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