Irene Watts China Rose: A Symbol of Elegance in Garden

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Irene Watts China Rose, scientifically known as Rosa ‘Irene Watts,’ is a captivating addition to any garden landscape. It is a botanical marvel that stands out for its unique blend of colors and continuous blooming capability.

Botanical Name
The exact botanical name is not specified, but it belongs to the China Roses group.
Plant Type
Perennial shrub
The plant stays short and compact, around 60cm x 60cm.
It has small foliage with the edge of young leaves tinged bronze.
Flower Color
The blooms are fully double with cream overlaid with tints of pink, peach, and salmon.
Foliage Color
Young leaves have a bronze tinge.
Prefers temperate climates.
Sun Exposure
Thrives in sunny positions.
Soil Requirements
Well-drained fertile soil is ideal.
Hardiness Zones
Suitable for USDA zone 6 and above.
Season Features
It is known for its continuous flowering throughout the growing season.
There is no specific mention of toxicity.
  • Originating from China, it has been cultivated worldwide.
  • The plant is admired for its repeat flowering capabilities and the introduction of crimson to the color palette of roses.
  • Features a repeat flowering period, ensuring a garden full of color and fragrance throughout the growing season.
  • Its special features include fragrant, cushion-shaped blooms that are large and rich in warm pink tones, bordering on salmon.
  • Showcases stunning pink blooms with a delicate fragrance, complemented by lush, dark green foliage.
  • Its compact growth habit makes it an ideal choice for borders, containers, or mass plantings.
  • This rose variety can be propagated through stem cuttings or grafting onto rootstock.
  • Adds a touch of elegance and color to any landscape, whether as a standalone specimen or as part of a mixed border.
  • Common pests include aphids, thrips, and spider mites, while diseases such as powdery mildew and black spots may affect foliage and blooms.


How often should I fertilize Irene Watts China Rose?

It is recommended to fertilize every four to six weeks during the growing season.

Does Irene Watts China Rose require pruning?

Yes, China roses like Irene Watts can be pruned to maintain a compact plant. Pruning is typically done to remove dead or diseased branches and to shape the plant.

Can Irene Watts China Rose tolerate drought?

While specific information on the drought tolerance of Irene Watts China Rose is not provided, many varieties of roses are known to be drought-tolerant. It’s essential to ensure they are well-established and to follow general water-wise gardening practices.

How do I deadhead spent blooms?

To deadhead, locate the first leaf set below the spent blossom and use shears to make a 45-degree angle cut just above the leaf set, ensuring a bud eye is facing outward.

Is Irene Watts China Rose suitable for container gardening?

Yes, Irene Watts China Rose is suitable for container gardening and can thrive properly in pots.

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