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Narcissus ‘Pink Charm’ is a distinguished member of the Large-Cupped Daffodils. This particular variety stands out with its unique coral band that adorns the rim of its creamy-white cup, set against contrasting ivory-white petals. With proper care, these daffodils will return year after year, signaling the arrival of spring with their charming blooms. Whether planted en masse or as a complement to other spring flowers, they are sure to captivate and enchant any onlooker.

Botanical Name
Narcissus ‘Pink Charm’
Plant Type
Up to 18 inches
Strap-shaped, green leaves
Sun Exposure
Full sun to partial shade
Soil Requirements
Well-drained, fertile soil
Hardiness Zones
Flower Color
White petals with a pink cup
Foliage Color
Season Features
Spring blooming
Special Features
Attracts pollinators, deer-resistant
Distribution and Habitat
Cultivated worldwide, originating from Europe and North Africa
All parts are toxic if ingested
  • Narcissus ‘Pink Charm’ showcases a soft pink central cup or corona surrounded by pristine white petals.
  • The flower is predominantly white with a yellowish-white cup featuring the distinctive coral band.
  • ‘Pink Charm’ is relatively low-maintenance. It requires regular watering during the growing season but less so once the foliage begins to die back.
  • One of the special features of ‘Pink Charm’ is its ability to naturalize, meaning it can multiply and spread over time, creating a captivating display year after year.
  • The most common propagation method is by dividing the bulbs. This should be done every few years in late summer or early fall to prevent overcrowding and to promote healthy blooms.
  • The main value of Narcissus ‘Pink Charm’ lies in its ornamental appeal, which enhances garden landscapes and provides cut flowers for indoor enjoyment.
  • Generally pest-free, watch for common daffodil diseases like bulb rot.


How often should I water Narcissus ‘Pink Charm’?

Water regularly, ensuring the soil remains moist but not waterlogged, especially during the growing season.

When is the best time to plant Narcissus ‘Pink Charm’ bulbs?

Plant in the fall, about 2-4 weeks before the ground freezes, to allow for root development.

Can Narcissus ‘Pink Charm’ grow in the shade?

It prefers full sun but can tolerate partial shade, although this may affect the vibrancy of the blooms.

Is Narcissus ‘Pink Charm’ suitable for containers?

Yes, it can thrive in containers if provided with adequate space for root growth and proper drainage.

How do I prevent pests and diseases in Narcissus ‘Pink Charm’?

Ensure good air circulation, avoid overwatering, and practice crop rotation if planting in the same area each year.

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