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Osteospermum ‘4D Berry White’ African Daisy is a stunning perennial plant that produces large, white flowers with purple centers. The flowers have a unique shape that resembles a pinwheel, and they stay open all day and night, unlike other osteospermums. This plant is ideal for adding color and texture to borders, containers, rock gardens, and cottage gardens.

Botanical Name
Osteospermum ‘4D Berry White’
Plant Type
Perennial flowering plant
Asteraceae (Daisy family)
Typically grows to a height of 12 to 18 inches.
The leaves are green and lance-shaped.
Bloom Time
Blooms profusely during spring and summer.
Prefers temperate to warm climates.
Sun Exposure
Requires full sun for optimal growth.
Soil Requirements
Well-draining, sandy or loamy soil.
Hardiness Zones
Suitable for zones 9 to 11.
White petals and a dark purple center, 2 to 3 inches across, pinwheel-shaped.
Seasonal Features
Evergreen in mild climates, semi-evergreen in colder areas.
Non-toxic to humans and pets
  • The striking white flowers stand out in garden beds and containers, suitable for floral arrangements.
  • Low Maintenance, requires minimal care once established.
  • Drought-tolerant, deer-resistant, attracts butterflies and bees.
  • Propagate through seeds or cuttings.
  • Ideal for borders, rock gardens, and mixed plantings.
  • Does not have any major ecological issues. It is not invasive or aggressive and competes with native plants.
  • Generally resistant to pests and diseases but monitor for aphids, spider mites, whiteflies, powdery mildew, or root rot.

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