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Siberian Iris (Iris sibirica) is a hardy herbaceous perennial known for its elegant and colorful blooms and is a jewel in the garden. With its elegant blooms and graceful foliage, it offers a display of color and texture that can elevate any landscape.

Botanical Name
Iris sibirica
Plant Type
Herbaceous perennial
Typically reaches 3-4 feet tall
Slender, grass-like leaves that form dense clumps
Thrives in cooler northern climates but adaptable to various conditions
Sun Exposure
Prefers full sun to partial shade
Soil Requirements
Moist, well-drained soil with an acidic to neutral pH
Hardiness Zones
3-8 (USDA)
Flower Color
Commonly blue and purple, with cultivars in white, yellow, pink, and red
Foliage Color
Bluish-green, providing year-round interest
Season Features
Blooms in spring and summer, with the foliage offering an ornamental grass-like texture afterward
Special Features
Resistant to borer worms and rot, unlike other iris types
  • Stands out with its smaller, beardless flowers that may not be as showy as other iris types but are nonetheless striking.
  • The flowers are graceful, adding an air of sophistication to the garden.
  • Native to Europe and Asia, it has been widely cultivated and naturalized in various regions
  • Propagation is typically done through division of the clumps every few years to maintain plant health and vigor.
  • The main value lies in its ornamental appeal, with its lush blooms and attractive foliage enhancing garden aesthetics.
  • Siberian Iris is considered an eco-friendly plant, requiring less water and maintenance once established.
  • Generally pest-resistant, but watch out for iris borers and fungal diseases like leaf spot.
  • Slightly toxic to pets and humans.

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